As a property owner, you know there comes a time when you have to make certain upgrades and repairs to protect the value and safety of your home, house, building etc. Repairing or installing a new roof is a very important project and you definitely want to make sure you get the right roofer for the job. We have been repairing and installing roofs for decades. We have mulit professional crews that will provide quality results in a timely manner. Some roofing projects may be more challenging than others; however, each roofing projects is equally important. We understand the magnitude of a sound roof to protect your structure, family, tennants, etc.
Iron railing on staircases and roofs are also very important when it comes to safety. Without a safe and secure rail, your tennants can be prone to serious injury. A-Quality understands that safety is the number one priority on all of our projects. We make sure our jobs pass inspection, especially when it comes to railing installation. For the property pictured, we had to replace some hand rails for the stairs. We also had to inspect, repair, and re-inspect a railing on the roof / balcony of the property. Our crew is professional and our supervisors are on site to make sure all facets of the project are going according to plan

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