Five of the most dangerous things in your home:

Nobody really expects home to be the really dangerous place, but since most of our free time is spent in the sweetness of our home it is a really dangerous place and one of the most dangerous rooms is you bathroom. Anything can happen in the bathroom. You can slip and fall on wet surfaces, be scalded by hot water, get electrocuted from appliances, drown in the tub or accidentally poison themselves with chemicals.

Nearly 70 percent of all home accidents happened in bathroom. In 2002, there were more than 33,000 deaths and 8,000,000 disabling injuries that occurred in the home. That makes one death every 16 minutes and one disabling home injury every four seconds.

1. 87% of all fractures in people 65 and older are caused by falls and about 20% of deaths related to injury can be traced back to a fall, 95% of hip fractions are caused by slips and falls. It is estimated that falls cost the health system $2.4 billion per year. Comparatively, motor vehicle accidents cost $345 million per year.

2. But, falls aren’t the only lurking danger, in fact 84.2% of the scald burn injuries occurred people’s homes, of these, 52.1% occurred in the bathroom and the most common victims are children.

3. And even such thing as electrocution can happen to us just because of our mistake or poorly installed wiring. Installed household wiring was responsible for 11% of electrocution deaths in the US and 0.63 per million people died from electrocutions in US in 2001. Highest percentage of death in homes caused by electrocution is among people from 35 to 54 years of age.

4. And drowning is the second leading cause of accidental injury-related death among children ages 1 to 14 and female children having a bathtub drowning rate twice that of males.

5. More than one million children under 5 years old are exposed each year to potential poisons such as medicines and household chemicals. Although kids are the most affected by statistics, they are not the only ones.

Prevention tips:

1. You should protect you home by using products for reducing slipperiness, install grab bars, nonslip stickers or mats, tub rails and similar. You can even install walk-in bathtub.

2. Keep an eye on the children having in mind that playing in the bathroom can cause serious permanent injuries or even death. Turn on the hot water first, wait a bit and then step into a bathtub. Check your tubs for malfunctions. Placing a soft, insulated cover over the bathtub faucet is a prudent safeguard against accidental burns or bumps.

3. Do not place electrical appliances next or near to the source of water. Keeping appliances well away from the bathtub so their cords couldn’t possibly reach that far without becoming unplugged.

4. Collect soap, towel, diaper, clothing, toys, and any other items you plan on using before you even run the bath water. Place these items where you can reach them easily. Never leave your child unattended, not even to just answer a phone or a door bell.

5. Store medicines and cleaning products well out of young children’s reach and sight, even you can take it by mistake if not well stored.

When remodeling always hire a licensed professional. Professional home remodelers are not just there to remodel your home, they must be there to give you tips and tricks of how to make your home the safest place you can be.

We at Home design center are taking your home seriously. We are there for you every step along the way and we make it safe and easy.

Apr 11, 2018 By admin