Check out this state of the art bathroom remodeling job we did in San Jose! We completely demolished the bathroom and started the construction from the foundation up. We had to reinforce the carpentry and replace woodrot or anything else in the foundation or structure that wasn't up to code. This was a fun project for us, we took a lot pictures to capture the stages of the progress. The homeowners were quite delighted with the entire renovation.
The homeowner requested a modern bathroom remodel so we serached for the finest quality material and styles we could find and we built it. After we made sure the bathroom had a strong foundation we proceeded drywalling, floor tiling, shower and tub installation, shower tiling with intricate designs, new sink, faucets, shower heads, interior designing including ambient lighting and water efficient toilet. By the time we were done remodeling this bathroom the homewoners could not believe how we transformed there bathroom into beauty. BAthrooms should be a place where you can relax, unwind, refresh and feel comfortable. We are always happy to deliver top results to all of our clients. Request a free consultation to upgrade your bathroom at an affordable price.

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